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Practic - Shoe polishing machine

Durable shoe cleaning machine designed for everyday intensive exploitations. It is solid and esthetic and characterizes with strong construction and durable graphite paint coating. two sets of cleaning and polishing brushes gather dirt from shoes and store it on a removable easy-to-clean mat. The upper part with lockable doors can be used as a locker. There is a covered container for 1 liter of shoe polishing cream. An automatic time switch protects the device from be ing left on without supervision. This specific model is devoted to offices, banks and places where functionality and esthetics are appreciated. It is an efficient alternative to individual shoe polishing sets in multi-room buildings like hotels. This type of device gains its users trust due to its reliability and usefulness.

509 EUR nett

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Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 90 cm

15 x 8 cm (diameter x length)
2 for light colored shoes (cleaning + polishing)
2 for dark colored shoes (cleaning + polishing)

Shoe polishing cream container: 1L, 0.5L

Weight: 25kg

Power: 230V / 150W

Rotation: 1500rmp

Time switch: 1 minute

Color: graphite - metallic

Maintenance: device does not require regular service

Certificate: CE

To each PRACTIC we add 0,5l of shoe polishing cream free.

Our devices are durable and reliable.
The service is limited to filling up the colorless shoe polishing cream and removing and cleaning the mat.