czyste buty - 🥇PUCYBUT urządzenia maszyny automaty do czyszczenia obuwia butów podeszw

Smart - Shoe polishing machine

Due to its compact size it can be placed in any space. It’s perfect for using in the offices houses but also smaller spaces. Mobile - easy to mount and move. Silent economic motor in steel cover empowers 2 brushes for initial cleaning and 2 polishing brushes that efficiently clean and polish footwear. Ergonomic stick for keeping the balance during the cleaning process is finished with a switch knob. By pressing the switch one can clean and polish their shoes for as long, and as thoroughly as they wish. A container with 0,5l of gloss cream with steel ball valve dispenses the cream to maintain and polish the footwear. This part of the procedure prolongs shoes’ life. This small and compact shoe cleaning device is very elegant and fits each interior. Smart - smart in operation.

419 EUR nett

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Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 90 cm

15 x 8 cm (diameter x width)
2 for light color shoes (cleaning + polishing)
2 for dark color shoes (cleaning + polishing)

Cream container: 0.5L

Weight: 15 kg

Power: 230V / 150W

Rotation: 1500rmp

Switch: on the touch

Color: graphite - metallic

Maintenance: Not required

Certificate: CE

To each SMART - 0,5L of cream FREE

Our devices are durable and reliable.
The service is limited to refilling the colorless cream, as well as removing and cleaning the mat.