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„SoleMat” - Sole cleaning machine

Sole cleaning machine is made of stainless steel and is designed for cleaning shoe soles without the need of taking the shoes off. Drive is separated from the cleaning area with a sealer. The user puts one foot in a shoe in a designated for cleaning grill located over the horizontal brush and turns on the device with a switch on the arm. Moving nylon brush cleans the shoe sole for as long as the user presses the switch.
Version „dry”. Cleaning is done „dry” without the use of any cleaning solutions. At the bottom of the device there is a drawer made of stainless steel for dirt removed from the shoe soles. It requires periodic emptying.
Version „wet”. The shoe cleaning machine is also available in a "wet" cleaning version. Instead of a drawer from the bottom there is a 50 mm diameter drain, which drains impurities. Water supply connection 1/2 inch. Automatic dispensing of washing liquids.

1319 EUR nett

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Dimensions: 60 x 75 x 110 cm

Brush: 17x35cm (diameter x length)
1 rotary brush, white PA

Weight: 46 kg

Power: 230V / 0,18kW

Security: IP 54

Switch: on the touch

Color: stainless steel

Certificate: CE

Additional brush: 99 EUR nett

Delivery: Courier on europallet 80x60 cm

Our products are durable and reliable.
The service is limited to removing and cleaning the drawer.
The brush on stainless steel axis is easy to be removed and washed in water with detergents.