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„SoleMat” - Sole cleaning machine

Sole cleaning machine is made of steel and is designed for cleaning shoe soles without the need of taking the shoes off. Big convenient grip assures stable and comfortable position during the shoe cleaning process. This high quality industry devices are made entirely of strong construction and durable graphite paint coating. Stainless steel platform is located above the horizontally brush and can be opened. The drive is started by pushing the green button. Durable rotating nylon brush is able to effectively clean even dirtiest shoe soles from the dust and dirt. The runtime is adjusted by time switch. "SoleMat" is made for dry cleaning where brushed off dirt will be collected in a drawer at the bottom of the machine, which can be easily pulled for cleaning. The brush on the stainless steel axle can be easily dismantled and washed in water with detergent. Many users keep an additional brush on hand to minimize the downtime while cleaning the brushes. Due to its features it is indispensable in every clean zone.

989 EUR nett

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Dimensions: 50 x 65 x 100 cm

Brush: 17x35cm (diameter x length)
1 rotary brush

Weight: 40 kg

Engine power: 0,20 kW

Security: IP 54

Power: 230V/50Hz

Switch: SWITCH TIMER 30 seconds

Color: graphite - metalic

Instruction manual: Health and safety, DTR, CE

Additional brush: 99 EUR nett

Delivery: Courier on europallet 80x60 cm

Our products are durable and reliable.
The service is limited to removing and cleaning the drawer.
The brush on the stainless steel axle can be easily dismantled and washed in water.