czyste buty - 🥇PUCYBUT urządzenia maszyny automaty do czyszczenia obuwia butów podeszw

SuszyBut - modern footwear and glove drier

Modern footwear and glove drier works by the ongoing circulation of warm air stream that is blown through tube-hooks into the wet objects. This contemporary way of drying replaces unhygienic energy intensive and most of all ineffective methods of inserting the elements insertion. Effective drying is a result of a forced circulation of the warm air. Air stream ca. 45 °C (at ambient temperature 15°C to 25°C) is perfect for fast hygienic and safe drying. The dryer is made of steel in varnishing coating. Due to its compact size it can work on its own or combined into sets mounted on the inflatable wall. It works perfectly in i.e. hotels, shoemakers’ workshops and sports clubs. Approximate drying time: moist footwear -30 minutes, wet shoes - 120 minutes.

1069 EUR nett

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Dimensions: 74 x 103 x 35 cm

Weight: 25 kg

Power supply: 230V / 1100W

Efficiency: 9 shoe pairs

Numer of hooks: 18 pieces

Power cable: 3m

Time switch: 10 to 120 minutes

Mounting: on the wall or on the mobile stand

Colour: light grey